Amazing tips for photography shot in stage performances

Theater photography requires creativity to ensure you capture all the captivating moves real time. Remember unlike in a photo shoot, you have no control over the movement and the speed of performance, yet you need to capture the captivating moments for the public interest. All eyes are set on the stage and you have to take a position that does not compromise the view of the audience. What determines the success of your work? What are some of the best camera settings for this task? How should you conduct yourself to avoid being the center of attraction? Here are some of the tips to determine your success as a photographer

Put on black clothing

Black clothing not only makes you dark to prevent distraction but also gives a dark color which will not interfere with the lighting system of the camera which tends to reflect and finally affect the quality of the photograph. In addition, your movement while taking the shots will be invisible since, in one way or another, you will have to take different positions to take the right shots.

Have silent shoes which do not distract viewers to focus on you only for them to miss the plot and have a boring time at the theater.

Be flexible

You will never take the best shot in one position, these are actors and actresses who have to portray the real picture in their work. In fact, your presence is negligible to them you have to squat, sit, bend, stand just to ensure you have the right focus.

Turn off the camera flash and use auto –assist function

Actors should not even be aware on when you press the capture button. Switch off the focus lights to capture the actions in real time. The flush lights also have a winking effect on the audience making them have a rough time on their eyesight using your camera flash. Unless it is a dance floor where lights is required, but for a theater, darkness is paramount

Put the shutter sound on silent mode

The shutter sounds are a nuisance to the audience. They need to follow how the event of the actions unfolds. Give them some peace of mind by doing your work with your shutter sound off. It is even important for your own photography; it might even scare you making you shake. It will affect the quality of your images.

Have diverse lens function

You may need both close and distance lenses for a close-up and a wider view respectively. A camera with automated functions for the same is the best option for it will save you time and money. On the go cameras are renowned for this automated function. It gives you an easy time and leaves you to work on your movement for the best capture.

Stage performances require high technological skills to ensure you have a sharp focus with the right balance. The type of camera will come in handy to achieve this. Go Pro brand is the best if we are to consider online reviews from their customers

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