Guns for writers

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Writers just like any other individual require a gun for safety, protection, and security. In as much as the work of a writer involves staying indoors the better part of their work time; they need to take a road trip, take a nature walk, go for adventure trips as well as engage in different fun activities. When out there, you never dictate the circumstances and the people you interact with at social places. Their diverse backgrounds can be a source of danger to human life; therefore, a writer needs to protect himself against such characters. A gun is a simple and the most user-friendly gadget for security.

Why should writers carry a gun? Yes, nothing gives you peace of mind like the fact that you know you are safe when under the attack of thieves, But ofcourse you need to harness your gun. It is a basic right in America to own a gun. It has reduced theft cases in homes when the owners are in the home. A burglar will never attempt to break in your house yet you have a weapon for protection. That is a time bomb. You will not fear a violent thief when you live in a secluded place and far from security agencies when you have a gun in the house.

The fact that you can tuck a gun on your waist and walk freely at night gives you the confidence to move on with your activities with ease without looking back all the time in fear. A writer can opt to take a late night walk along the street to stretch and reduce boredom associated with a writer. In case there is a security threat, he has a self-defense tool to deal with an attack from an individual or a wild animal before he can think of contacting the police for help. A writer doesn’t need a red dot since they are not going to carry a riffle and shoot a far target.

It is party time and a writer decides to go through the nightlife in a club for a few drinks. Fights are common in bars maybe because of enhanced courage from the alcohol, any slight provocation leads to a fight. The fact that it is a basic need for every American, people are cautious on stupid provocation because of the fear of uncertainty, which might turn fatal. A writer will have a peace of mind while out for the nightlife in confidence.

 Since a writer spends most of their time in the house, it raises eyebrows among thieves, thinking it is the best place to attack and they will go scot-free with it. Let a writer have a gun as a self-defense mechanism to cater for such stupid thoughts.

However, ensure the firearm is licensed by relevant authorizes and in line with the laws of that land on gun ownership because ignorance of the law has no defense. Great care should also be practiced to avoid children playing with the firearm; in most cases, it turns to be fatal. When you have a gun as a writer; exercise responsible usage to avoid unnecessary court battles because of your careless behavior when handling the device. Where possible get some training on dos and don’ts about the procured gun.

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