My Three Favorite Things in Life

There are more than 7 billion people in the world today and we are all different. These differences make each one of us unique. Someone is passionate about football, other likes hiking or drawing. If you stop a random person on the street and ask them about their three favorite things in life, I bet they will give you a diverse answers. Everyone has a different opinions as well as favorite things in life. In this article I will talk about my three favorite things in life I enjoyed the most.

#1 Coffee please

The number one favorite thing in my life is definitely a coffee. I simply love a warm cup of black coffee in the morning using the automatic coffee makers that I tried at home (but if you are looking for a semi-auto you can check out Coffee on fleek machine review as they have the best selection on their page. It gives me the proper boost and prepares me for the hard day ahead of me.

Some people claim coffee is bad for your health, but like everything on this planet, it has some good and bad sides.

Some of the good sides are that the coffee can help you tremendously in burning fat and improving a physical condition. This fact is supported by a scientific research that says the main chemical in coffee called caffeine increases an exercise performance by 11 – 12% on average.

Other good sides of coffee are lowering the risk of Alzheimer’s and liver diseases, filled with antioxidants and nutrients that help your body to fight the viruses.

#2 Travelling

Each travel is an experience that you won’t forget in your lifetime. Each trip is a challenge because you are preparing to step outside your comfort zone – out to the unknown. That can be scary for the people, but the reality is that your life starts outside the comfort zone. You will meet new and interesting people along the way, see the beautiful buildings, mountains, rivers, nature in general. Also, the good thing about travelling is that you are learning about the life and different cultures.

In the present days it is very easy to travel as every city is connected with different ways of transportation. Plane tickets aren’t expensive anymore and for not so big amount of money you can literally see the world.

If you have a second thoughts about traveling, stop, buy a ticket and go. You will have some unforgettable experiences along the way and you will meet people who will remain your friend for a life time.

#3 Football

As I born and raised in the community where the football is the most praised and watched sport, it is logical that I will put a football on this list.

Football is a very dynamic sport filled with passion from both sides – players and fans. Also, training football is a good thing for your health and development, so playing with a ball here and there won’t hurt anyone.

The best feeling is when you are a fan of one club and you are watching the match live. You will literally feel the passion on your skin.

It is a list called my three favorite things in life. I hope you have your lists and I wish you to share it.

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