Top 5 Music Marketing Truths ALL Musicians Should Know

Have you ever wondered why there are really talented musicians who don’t have a fan base and acknowledgement they well-earned, while other not-so-much talented musicians generate a lot more publicity and in the right places?

True, there could a lot of reasons why this is happening. But, one of the most typical one is that a successful individual’s capacity to handle the business part of the music industry. More particularly, these indie musicians might know how to market their own music.

This is why a lot of you struggle to make sales, acquire gigs and move your music to the top.

But, the good news is, if you’re willing to make it work, you’ll know how to effectively market your music. But, before you educate yourself on these marketing tips, you should know these 5 music marketing truth that will help you walk in the right path.

Marketing your music is obligatory, but it doesn’t have to be exhausting     

A lot of musicians think that marketing their own music isn’t going to be easy. This worry is understandable, a lot of individuals get into the industry because they love music, and wouldn’t thought that they will have to learn about the market in order for their music to get some exposure.

In that statement alone, if you want your music to get publicized, marketing is a very important aspect. And, it doesn’t have to be difficult. It doesn’t require you to have a degree in science or mathematics to create an effective marketing plan.

Music marketing is all about enlighten

Many musicians who are still starting out think that if they create a good music, it will be enough to be noticed. That all they have to do is create a good album, make it available in different outlets, and their music will just starting generating sales and acquiring downloads.

Being talented and letting people know that you are indeed talented are clearly 2 different factors. Aside from making music that the public would actually listen, you need to make them listen to you.

Marketing your music is a non-stop essential

Aside from being aware that marketing your music is important, you also have to be aware of the amount of time effort that you have to sacrifice in the process. A lot of musicians believe that you should start when you’re about to release your music and end before you start on your next project.

However, marketing should start as soon as you believe that your talent is good enough for a promotion. And if you want to be more successful as a musician, this should be an on-going process.

Involving other will make music marketing easier

If you want to have a faster, cheaper and better way to market your music, you should start involving others. You can ask your friends, hire a marketing team or even your fans! This makes your work lighter.

At first, no one will be willing to help you

If you’re a musician just starting out, you won’t be able to get enough help. Your friends might give you a hand, but don’t solely rely on record labels, since they usually don’t work with unproven musicians.

In the start, you’ll have to learn how to market it yourself. In the later part, once it gets an exposure, you’ll have a bigger chance of getting help from other people.



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